Hiring During the Recession

It’s a new day and time to meet a bunch of new potential hires. I will put four prospects to the test, I asked them all to stop by and meet us. Half the test is seeing if they actually show up, or call as a result of our reaching out.

It’s that first impression that often carries over into what people will be like as employees, so this is what we’re checking on. I just read on Jim Neil’s blog that reporter Mary Carey lost her job at the Daily Hampshire Gazette. The sad thing is that she’s one of their best reporters, and on her blog she showed a photo of her with two much older reporters. Shouldn’t they, and not her, been the ones to kick to the curb?

I wonder if she wants to work in our cafe. It’s a step down from the joy of being a full-time reporter…but writer Jackie Stevenson has enjoyed working for us part time, even as she continues her writing jobs as a freelancer and part-timer.

I’ll reach out and see, maybe she wants to come over and work with us. If not I understand, but it’s tough out there and a job is a job, isn’t it?