Authors and Places Have Their Moments in the Sun

I’ve managed to split my time in almost exactly half today—beginning at 6:30 am at the cafe, helping Sara open up and minding the register, and ending publishing my article about Beaumont Texas at 5:45 pm. Today we published an article by Elizabeth Bagley about the San Juan Islands in Puget Sound, a place I was in love with when I visited in 1999.

Publishing an article about a place gives you a little window, that day, into that place. I spent some time looking at a map to determine the name of the body of water that contains the four islands (Puget Sound) and got that info from a friend on Twitter named Mika who lives in Portland.

I also spent time poring over a map of Nova Scotia, planning a trip on the hydrofoil Cat ferry for Steve Flahive, who will go north in June. I asked Skip the PR guy if they had any good breweries there, and he said no. He added that there is a distillery that makes super high test whiskey, even too strong for him to enjoy.

I’m also trying to get an idea of where to visit in Portugal, where I am looking at going to the southernmost tip, called Sagres, and over across the Algarve region, at the bottom of Europe. This will be a road trip with Sam along for the ride. I enjoyed traveling with him in England, so he’ll join me on this September trip.