A Man From Iran Stood Waiting for His Daughter

It’s gonna be a hot day today, all of that pent up heat finally pouring forth from the May sun. At the cafe we’ve got some new people working in, getting a feel for what we do. I was stunned yesterday when I called five applicants back and asked them on voicemail to come in and meet us. Each had replied to a Craig’s list ad, just a week back. To a person, none showed up. I thought people needed jobs and that times were tough…but apparently they aren’t tough enough to actually show up and interview for a job.

I did have a bright spot, though, when a new intern at the website showed up five minutes early for her get acquainted interview. Her name is Kimya and her family is from Iran. I saw a man standing out on the corner of our building, waiting there, looking around. I didn’t know who he was, and so I finally asked him if I could help. “My daughter is in there talking about her internship,” he replied with a smile. I approached him and shook his hand, telling him about my visit to Iran in November. “Rick Steves, when he went to Iran, was really all wrong about how he described the government,” he told me. “He shouldn’t have commented on that.”

I told him about how Steve’s stories made me excited about visiting, and how much I liked meeting the friendly people. “I haven’t been back to Iran in twenty-nine years,” he said. “You’d know more about Iran now than me.”

So we’ve got three solid interns for the summer, and are still looking for those elusive reliable baristas. They’re out there, I guess we just have to look a little harder.