A Declining Bounce Rate Is Good for GoNOMAD

We woke up to unseasonably cold temps in Holyoke, and were glad the heat came on to warm the chill. A lot is happening in my busy world, it’s spinning like a top. But what’s the alternative? A slowed down world wouldn’t be any fun, so I forge ahead and try to hang on.

We did some tweaking on GoNOMAD, following the advice we got from our friend Enrique, who does Search engine optimizing down in CT. He came up and not only gave us great advice, but loved the short tour I gave him of Deerfield’s lovely farm fields and spread out neighborhoods. The great news is that our ‘bounce rate,’ or the percentage of people who visit our site and click into read more has improved by nearly 25%! That’s a giant step for us, and is very good news.

We also like having more navigation buttons on the sides and soon we’ll add a slideshow function and some other cool stuff to the site. We’ve added new hotel and hostel affiliations and expect that these will pay us dividends down the road as we implement them across the site.

We put up a new collection of photographs from Sardinia in the cafe, taken by Donna Connor, a talented shooter who we met on that trip. It’s nice to have some new photos in the cafe, and to have something new to release to the press. Gotta keep thinking about them, each new show an opportunity to get in the papers.