That Post Dentist Lip Smacking Sure Feels Good

I wrote last week about some of those little things in life that delight and entertain me. I’ve got another to add to the list. That is the most satisfying feeling you get after you’ve just been to the dentist and your teeth have been newly stripped of tartar and buffed with the hygenist’s tools. Being able to push your tongue and feel that inside of your front teeth….something about it is magic indeed.

The other little thrill I get comes actually when I watch other people doing something all of the time. And that is looking for their reading glasses. Last night Cindy was looking high and low for her pair of reading specs…cheap throwaways we all buy at CVS. While most people pack three or four pairs in bags, on shelves and in glove compartments, there was only one pair she was looking for. When she couldn’t find it she was done reading a great book for the night.

I have no need for such glasses. I can read as well as a youngster, because I shelled out big bucks and got lasik monovision. My treatment went smoothly with the suave Dr John Frangie manning the controls last summer. Since then I only need good light to read, no searching for CVS glasses or tossing a book down in frustration for me. See, it’s the little things that really add up.