Passing Tapas at Easy’s in Beaumont

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Last night we got a chance to visit one of Beaumont’s favorite restaurants, which is known for being easy. Wayne and Karen Ingwerson opened up Easy’s six years ago on the main drag, Calder St. here in this oil city. “We wanted to attract an older crowd, and be a place where you’d want to spend time and hang out,” Wayne told us. He liked the name because it reflects his attitude, laid back and fun.

So they created a menu of mostly tapas and martinis, two words which ensure that only us older folks will show up. Last night we sat on couches around a big round table and passed plate after plate of his delicious little concoctions. It was the first time I can remember eating like that on a press trip, usually we have to choose from a big menu and there is just too much food.

But the light bites kept coming; fried chicken livers (no, they really were good) and thai-inspired calamari, and little slices of tenderloin with pesto, and balls of goat cheese. Then we retired out to the patio where at 8:45 pm it was still balmy and pleasant. That’s a big change from the temps back home where it’s still freezing after dark.