It was the Bomb…the Love Bomb…at the Roadhouse

It was, as some people say, The Bomb! Love Bomb rocked out last night at the Route 63 Roadhouse, that funky music and dancing shack right next to State Highway 63 in Millers Falls. I didn’t know if I’d have much gas left after a few Northampton Pale Ales at the Brewery, but rallied and joined Bill over at the dance joint.

This band plays hit after hit, the kinds of songs you just can’t sit still for. Tuned up and ready for the adoring crowds at the Roadhouse, they were in fine form last night. Even the Red Sox vs the Yankees couldn’t take any attention away from their exquisite funkiness.

Today we’re setting temperature records outside the cafe, the warm sunshine streaming down and people coming into the cafe with a lift in their steps. I often think about how nice it is to really appreciate warm weather. Out in Cali, they have it so often they don’t really care. But in New England, our cold weather hides revel and shine when the temps heat up, everybody is in a good mood and it’s always good for business. Bring on the sun!