Frank Moro Jr: We Will Miss Him

Frank Moro Jr. has left this green earth. I didn’t know anything about his illness, I just remember his smiling face, whenever I’d come in with car problems. Frank was one of the first and friendliest people I met when I moved to town in 1990. He ran Fisher’s Garage, the institution in the center of town where everybody buys their gas.

Frank was never, ever, anything less than delighted to have me as a customer. He took care of me through my series of Toyota wagons and other broken down vehicles, patiently explaining manifolds and catalytic converters, and giving me all of my options. I noticed that the garage where he worked for so many years was closed yesterday, and I didn’t know why until I read it in the paper.

At age 66, Frank deserved a lot more living out of this life. It makes me think about how limited all of our time is here, and how wonderful it must be to leave a legacy of genuine friendliness and cordiality to all you’ve interacted with during your time. Frank sure did, and South Deerfield will miss that smiling face, thinking about Fort Myers.