When Reader’s Digest Calls, I’m Ready for Our Close-up

goblin 700941
It doesn’t take a whole lot to make me very happy. I think that’s one of the secrets to a great life…letting tiny joys fill up your life and content you. Today I got an email that led to a call from a writer named Cathie Gandel from Bridgehampton NY. She was writing a story on assignment from Reader’s Digest about summer travel and trends. She found us and wanted some comments on niche or experimental vac ations. Of course I was eager to help.

I told her about a few trends we’ve seen….volunteering, either around the world or in the US. I showed her the many opportunities that are listed on GoNOMAD’s volunteering directory, including programs to help native Americans out west. Then I told her about how women’s travel was becoming more and more popular…women traveling together and enjoying the hell out of it.

At the end I told her that despite our tough economic times, people are still taking vacations, and that they should not stop going. I told her I think the best education you can give a kid is to take him somewhere cool, out of the ordinary, and view amazing things like the Grand Canyon or the red rock mushrooms of Goblin Valley Utah together. That’s real education, I said.

She said she liked that quote, so hopefully, so will Reader’s Digest.