We Love It When Our SEO Pays Off

My funky ringtone woke me up way too early this morning. Out of a sound slumber with Mama cat by my side, I sprang out of bed to hear that Sara isn’t coming in. Ugh! So here I am having my first cuppa after opening the cafe. I must admit that I like it here at this time of day…it’s peaceful and the customers who are up and going at 6:30 am are a mellow lot. I made sure not to crank the tunes too loud in consideration.

A few days ago two women came in and looked around…it was clear that they were out of towners. “We found you on the Internet!” one of them said brightly. “We were visiting Magic Wings and then we found your cafe site. Those photos of the food made us want to come in!” It is always nice to see that people use the ‘Net to find us, and then it’s better when the search lands them on our door. I work with companies in Search Engine Optimizing, SEO, which is what this really is.

Hey that’s one thing you can say about us: We probably have the best position in search of any cafe in Massachusetts! Now if I could only figure out how to fix this decaf coffee urn that just died on me.