On Mobile Bay, Hurricanes Are a Regular Visitor

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It looks like rain for the next three days. That’s always a bummer on a press trip to a beach community that likes to brag about the great weather. Oh well. Tonight we’ll stay at some condos in Gulf Shores, the beach community where you can walk down the beach and step over the border between Alabama and Florida.

Last night the chef here at the Grand Hotel Marriott Point Clear Resort and Spa used his own vegetable garden for much of his herbs on the food. He created what he calls a ‘fossilized’ chip, two super thin potato slices with herb leaves inside. His Kobe Beef was as ruby red and tender as it should be since the cows live their lives being massaged and drinking big bottles of Kirin beer.

This resort is right on Mobile Bay, so hurricanes are a common occurance. Our host Bill said that they just rebuild when a ‘cane blows in and tears up the place. That explained the new wooden fence along the bay and the remodeled dining room in the hotel.