Late Night Pitchmen’s Claims Debunked

Today began with me watching a little slice of Good Morning America. There the lovely Diane Sawyer had a frenetic blond woman on the show who was debunking the claims made by loud-mouthed TV pitch artists for dubious products.

First they tried that glue that supposed to glue back your bluejeans, and in the commercial is said to withstand gale force winds, a flapping flag in the background with the guy screaming about how tough it is. When GMA tried to repair jeans, the goo left a stain on the pants…and then easily came apart.

Next up was the device that is supposed to shave you, and eliminate body hair all over your bod. It’s like sandpaper, and is supposed to leave it ‘baby smooth.” NOT. The animated blond showed how after she applied the device to her leg a few days later was ewwww….stubble.

Finally they tried out a hair straigthener, using a black GMA producer who had very nappy hair. The crimping device was supposed to straigthen it all out, and turn tangled mops into dreamy straight locks. This one actually got a better grade, a B-, because it sort of worked. But the producer said that if you get this done in a salon, it’s much silkier.

The moral of the story? If a late night pitchman is trying to sell you something that’s amazing, incredible, and sooooo cheap, then it’s probably a good idea to skip it. Even if the guy keeps screaming about how great it is.