Up on the Podium, It’s a Nervous Yet Most Excellent Feeling

I stayed a bit late at the office last night, my friend Joe helped me put the finishing touches on my power point slides that I’ll use today at 2:30 pm at the Boston Globe Travel Show. I will begin the day at the Holyoke Y, then hop in the car and drive to Somerville, so spend a little time with my son Sam.

I always try to see him when I find myself having business in Beantown. Then I’ll go to the Seaport Covention Center to walk around the show and meet some of the exhibitors who I know from our regular NY show.

There is an energy you get when you go down and stand at the podium, waiting for people to file in and find their seats. It’s one of the reasons actors act on stage, and the feeling singers get when they’re just about to walk out to belt out the opening number. It’s a nervousness that feels great. I know and breathe my topic, search engine optimizing. I spend day upon day thinking and reading and I’ve sharpened up the presentation. I’m ready to for the lights to dim and share it with my audience.