Jason Takes a Stand Against Racist Workers

Last night I went out late to a party in Springfield. With my new regimen that no longer includes booze, it’s much easier to envision a safe drive back and forth late at night…and there was no way I’d miss Jackie and Mark’s annual Oscar Party. I got there and it was crowded and fun, many people jammed into just a few rooms and a table full of dishes prepared with titles from Oscar nominees. The winner was a gorgeous cake that I did not get to taste.

Jason Tsitso and his wife Sarah are two people we’ve met a few times before. First at this party last year, and then at Mark and Jac’s wedding on the Cape. He works building stores for Ikea, so his job takes him all over the country. He told me about the times he’s had to work in the South, and has encountered racism among the workers. “They’d look over and say, we don’t wanna work with those f*** n***’s, or something. I mean really blatant hateful speech.”

“When that happens I speak right up,” he said. “I tell them that if they want to treat someone that way, then they’re not working for our company. Anything like that and they’re gone.”

I admired him for not allowing people to talk that way, and for using his position of authority to call them out on crap like that. It’s nice to meet people like Jason with principals and the good sense to challenge people. We saw a report on TV last week that showed how many people when confronted by a racist person say or do nothing…just let it pass.