He Used Harvested Body Fat to Fuel His Car

C. Alan Bittner is not available to do liposculpting in his Beverly Hills clinic at this time. That’s because he is currently living in an unidentified South American country “where I can help those most in need.” He spoke with Rhonda Rundle of the WSJ by telephone, shortly before the phone line went dead.

In today’s paper, a story entitled “What To Know Before Going Under the Lipsuction Knife,” Bittner is alleged to have allowed underlings to perform surgeries and even used patient’s harvested body fat to fuel his car. He once had a website called ‘lipodiesel.org’ but it’s no longer on the web. The Medical board “went ballistic” when they heard about the body fat fuel, even though he said he had consent forms signed by patients ok’ing the idea.

Bittner was also a master of search, one client who sued him said she kept seeing his clinic’s name pop up in Google searches for liposuction. He was known as Dr. Lipo 90210, before shutting his practice down in December and moving south to perform good works.

The California Medical Board executed a search warrant of his Beverly Hills and Irvine California offices, but have filed no charges against the good doc. He said he retired to the unnamed South American country because he wasn’t enjoying his work anymore.