Celebrity Tweets Are All the Rage

I visited the market in my hometown of Blawenburg this morning and found a copy of the NY Post. Inside there was a story that grabbed my attention…about celebrities who use the popular Twitter program to share short messages with the world. (People’s twitter addresses are www.twitter.com/their name) in case you, like many people I know, refuse to get into this new rage.

But I’ve become a big fan of this fast-growing phenomenon…I put up at least 4-6 tweets every day, and so far in less than a month have garnered 528 followers. Cool! The Post story was titled “Pick of the Twitter” and here are just a few of the famous folks who twit regularly.

*Demi Moore, (twitter.com/mrskutcher) tweets 4-5 times a day. Husband Ashton can be found at /aplusk and he posts 5-6 times a day. He says his tweets are mostly about non-celebrities.

*Tina Fey tweets just monthly, at /tinafey. She says the person putting up her tweets is pretty funny.

*Lance Armstrong (/lancearmstrong) posts a mighty 10 times a day. A recent tweet was about the bikes that were stolen from the team van in California.

*Karl Rove, (/karlrove) is also a 10-tweet-a-day guy. Like his columns his tweets sometimes make a lot of sense, even if he did used to work for the hated GWB.

*Shaquille O’Neal (/the_real_shaq) posts a tweet once a day, mostly about basketball and his Big Life.

*MC Hammer (/mchammer) I’ve been following him, he throws in a lot of references to events he attends like the inauguration, and a few days ago he opined, “celebrity is an empty shell, it’s what you do with it that’s important.” I like that.