The Coffee Basket Wakes Us in the Morning

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Imagine: a press trip with a whole day of absolutely nothing. Today’s such a day, the equivalent of a leisurely Sunday morning. We’ve covered the attractions, met some of the interesting people, filed a slew of blogs and photos and now…well it’s time to kick back.

The day begins with a wonderful little treat. In a little hatchway at precisely 7 am, they bring us coffee, pastries, juice and the Miami Herald, and we retreat to our balcony where the sun is just becoming bright. After this pleasant wake up, it’s time for some email and I can do this right out there on sunny balcony. If you haven’t bought an Apple iTouch yet, you’re missing something wonderful. This little handheld is so easy to use it makes an email junkie like me very happy. It makes a darling little chirp when a new email comes in, and with my Pogo stylus, it is easy to type out even long emails. (This endorsement is truly real, I love this little stick).

We follow the smooth path up the main restaurant, that is right next to a pool with a bubbling fountain. I order avena, which is what they call oatmeal here. Cindy gets some bruscetta and we both load up on more strong joe.

Later we’ll walk the 15 minutes up the beach to the still-tiny village of Puerto Morelos, pop. 6000. It’s touristy, yeah, but there is a town square and a bookstore with used books in English. I do have one thing I have to do today…interview and take part in the spa where they offer treatments and all sorts of massage procedures. This doesn’t sound like a tough job at all.