My Feet & This Water Started Out Clean…Really!

P1530510 708807What comes out of your feet if you soak them in a bath with negative and positive ions? I am still not sure what it was, but tonight, under the instruction of Gloria Guerrero, I placed my feet in a bath and watched as it filled up ten minutes later with ochre and black crud. She’s the spa manager here at Ceiba del Mar, and for 12 years she’s studied and practiced aromatherapy and this new science of body cleansing.

First she hooks up a sensor to my third finger, and reads some numbers on a small white box. Then I bathe my clean feet in salty water and she puts the ionizer in with my feet. The results, she says, depend on the level of heavy metals, pesticides, and other bad things that are floating around in my system.

The proof came in the swirl of ugly looking water, stuff that was removed from my body via my feet. “I had a man come in and after we did this, there were ashes floating around in the tank. I didn’t know it but he was a firefighter. Another woman, a heavy smoker, said that after six of these treatments she could finally smell her car and her apartment, and she said they stunk, and that she couldn’t smell them before the treatments”

The other element of Guerrero’s therapy is a bio meridian vantage machine, that uses a computerized library of 42 different homeopathic remedies and provides the patient with a custom made diagnosis. Even medical docs have become believers in this method of finding out what ails you, she said.

After cleaning off the gunk from my feet, I sauntered into the massage area, and got a 55- minute rubdown from Reyna, my very professional Mayan masseuse. The spa includes the requisite post massage hot pack, soothing tea, and a sauna and steam to complete the package. All in all, it felt pretty damn good.