Fred Knittle, Singer, Father and Friend to Many

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Last night we watched the Young @ Heart Chorus movie, and among the best parts was that of Fred Knittle, singing Coldplay’s ‘Fix you’ to the full house at the Academy. Very poignant.

Bill Knittle’s dad, Fred Knittle, died today. Fred had a great role with lots of facetime in that film. I thought about him as we were watching, thinking that it was filmed in 2006, so what was he doing today? I had heard that Fred was ill just a week before. Sad to have to say goodbye, sad for his family and friends who will miss him. I found an item about an email Fred sent to a writer who wrote about him in his blog.

Dear Steve: I just went to your blog and it was great… thank you for the kind words… It also gave me a picture of you that will help me recognize you when you come North for a visit to Northampton (Mass.).
Thanks for the phone call today and for being outgoing and warm during the interview. I felt relaxed throughout your in-depth questioning. Seriously, my new found friend, I look forward to getting a copy of the article in the St. Pete Times.

The email’s tone just shows what a sweet guy he was. Bill and I worked together for many years at the Gazette, when we both sold ads. He’d talk about his dad Fred often, visiting him and his mom Barbara in the house in Northampton where he used to live. “He said he was a friend-raiser, not a fundraiser,” Bill said, explaining his dad’s job at Clarke School for many years.