A Story That Won’t Please Iran’s Mullah Leaders

I was pleased with the Advocate article I wrote about the lives of Young Iranians in this week’s issue, especially that they were able to include four photos.
I was moved by the comment that came from a reader in Iran named Parin, who said…

I want to see my relatives,that all of them live in U.S.A…but i couldn’t because they think maybe i wouldn’t back to my country..BUT in spite of every thing i love my country,my land, it’s view…and so many memory…so many friends…that i couldn’t find them any where…i don’t care about our president because sooner or later he will change and i care about what’s happening now, but when i couldn’t do any thing i prepare to change my world. I hope some day, each of us, i mean universe people, have this right to go wherever they want and live there peacefully. 🙂

It’s funny because since I’ve become a regular blogger and Twitterer, it’s so much easier to write….the stories tumble out, and require just a quick edit before they’re ready. I remember very well in 2005 when I came back from Cyprus. I struggled mightily to get that story written, kept starting it and then hitting a brick wall. Now that I blog so much, writing a longer piece is a breeze.

This Advocate piece though, probably wouldn’t please my Iranian hosts. I interviewed these young people who are against the government, and who someday might just overthrow the mullahs. While I want to share this story with my readers, I don’t want my gracious hosts to feel betrayed.