The Naked

The play was a hilarious send up of Alfred Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps. There were four actors here, four who handled at least 20 parts. One continuous site gag was a guy shaking hands with himself, flipping between sides, one with a tan coat then one with a black coat. It was slapstick very British wild humor, and it worked.

They worked gags with props, like imitating a train with bouncing lights, sound effects, and just the actors supplying the motions to fill in the blanks of the set. They grinned and grimaced in a peculiarly British manner. The whole show was full of quick witted references and funny asides, with lots of references to old Hitchcock films, the shower scene, the vertigo, you get it.

It always feels good to be in the city. Nat asked me which was my favorite city of all. NYC I had to say. Medellin is also right up there in fun cities I have visited recently. It has to do with how fun it feels to be in the city, and there is just nothing like NY in December. We walked past the Naked Cowboy, singing in the slush in his skivvies. His big day was when he got in that Chevy commercial a few years ago.