More Flights from Logan Bring Joy to Travelers

The snow is piling up outside the cafe window, there is a mountain right in front of the tiny town common with the fountain that never turns off. The snow has kicked up again, it’s now blowing big flakes. Having a four-wheel drive truck is a minor thrill in this weather, it’s absolutely able to navigate even our foot-deep driveway snow, and barrel down Sugarloaf St. with the greatest of ease.

I read in today’s Gazette an AP story about new flights being added to Logan airport. There are now more direct flights to Florida by JetBlue, and both American and Spirit Airlines have added service. “You’re not going to throw metal into a market that’s starting to shrink,” said Massport CEO Tom Kinton. That means these added flights are harbingers of better times to come. American has also brought back the daily nonstop to San Diego, which they had dropped earlier this year. Jetblue is also winning New Englander’s hearts by their new “official airline of the Red Sox” affiliation.

All of this good travel news is being sparked by an upshot, Virgin America, which in February will begin its own service from LA and SF from Boston. This airline is losing gobs of money but they do have the best in-flight meals set up. You order really good food from your seatback computer screen, using your credit card.