December Sunday, Time to Prepare

I think a good alarm system would send you a text message if anything bad was going on at your house. Cindy is shopping for such a system, and it occurs to me that this would be a very quick way of reaching almost anybody. I have read about systems where they track rare rhinosceroses using a device that sends an SMS message to alert a game warden about the animal’s whereabouts.

The important thing is getting the message right away to somebody who can do something about it. Maybe they can send an SMS to the police too, instead of the alarm.

Today we had to upgrade the infrastructure of the house. So we bought a new wireless router and also a battery back up. This hefty battery runs everything that’s plugged into it while the power is out. And for some reason, this house is in the middle of a place where we lose power very often!

Played poker tonight and lost big time. Still, hanging with pals and playing cards is hard to beat. It was fun to treat everyone to an espresso at my espresso bar after we’d finished. I had a drive down to Holyoke to get fortified for so a little late night caffeine was in order.