Voters Demand Better High Speed Rail and Subways

I sat this morning in my kitchen while we waited for the men to arrive to work on the new bathroom. I had a chance to see a positive story in the WSJ, about how voters said yes across the US to Mass Transit projects of all stripes. That’s good news, and means that in the decades ahead, we will have better trains, light rail and subways.

One official of the Siemens company, that makes train equipment for light rail and high speed rail, said the rail renaissance will continue to grow, and that they have $300 million in new rail projects coming up.

More than 70% of the major transportation funding measures on ballots were approved, which is about double the rate at which intiatives are usually passed. In California, they’re building a high-speed rail line and expanding mass-transit in Seattle.

Though these projects take decades to complete, all of this is good news that someday the US might come closer to the rest of the world and have alternatives to driving alone in our cars.