Obama’s Speech Brings a Tear, He’s That Good

It’s an exhuberant day, one that will be remembered for many decades. Watching Obama’s speech last night, I have to admit to welling up with tears, his eloquence again and again amazes and inspires me. The best part was when he reached out to those ‘who didn’t vote for me or don’t agree with me, I want to be your president too.’ I have always admired the way he asks for intensive feedback from those who disagree, and always wants to know every point of view in the room. That’s a leader, that’s somebody who is willing to listen…what a far cry from what we have today in George Bush.

It’s a breakneck pace from now on, we’ll hear who Obama will have as chief of staff, and who he’s mulling about for the important positions. Thank God we don’t have to worry about Phil Grahm getting back into the cabinet, or listening to the stupidity and empty rhetoric of Sarah Palin.

Tomorrow I’ll buzz down to New York City and meet with 35 tourism officials from all over Europe. It will be fun to check in with many of them whom I’ve met over the years and hang out with my pal Kent and many of the other writers who contribute to GoNOMAD.