They Come to the Cafe in Escalades…and Priuses Too

escy 751372

We have a new favorite customer at the cafe. She arrived yesterday morning, by shiny, black Cadillac Escalade. She came in wearing an expensive coat that contrasted with her long blond hair, and was followed by her driver/bodyguard, a big burly Indian wearing a bluetooth earpiece and a suit.

We knew why she had visited our little village. Her son goes to Eaglebrook, and our friends over at the Deerfield Inn recommended us when she asked where she could find a good cup of coffee. I told her about how Jane at the Inn told the movie people a few months ago no. They were already booked and despite the Mel Gibson star power, no, they couldn’t let the crew have the whole inn and kick out the regulars. She said she lived in London.

She got a kick out of my story about the inn, and I prepared an Indian chai and a double cappuccino for her. The big driver ordered a turkey with cranberry. Just a little while after she got the drinks, she began making for the door, and the big guy ran to catch up. I reached for his sandwich and followed him out, saying ýou forgot this!’

“I had to open the door for her,” he said, thanking me for the sandwich.