The Lights Went Out, and the Party Went On

Wow! What a swell party! My fiftieth bash turned out to be one of the best nights of my life. Gathered were, as my pal Joe said, my A list, the people who mean the most to me. At seven o’clock as people began to arrive, suddenly the power went out.


So what some people thought was my mood lighting was actually a result of a transformer blowing up and every house on the street was dark as pitch. But we quickly adjusted to the dark, and with candles lighting every corner of the house, the festivities continued.

I had told friends what I wanted….a party with just those A-listers, some good food, and toasts to fete me on this milestone night. Well, I got that in spades, and it was an emotional and touching time that I will never forget. After the accolades, I got up and spoke. I had begun writing something but it seemed better to just speak. I talked about that feeling, how great it felt, and how I’d like to put in a bottle to share when people needed cheering up.

I wanted everyone there to know that for such kindness and for being a friend for so long in my life, that I owed them, and if they needed something, they should ask.

I am so happy now on this sunny Sunday morning to have had such a wonderful time, and to know that everybody felt the same way…that satisfying post-mortem of a party well done.