Publicity? Oh, That’s Easy

large Oil 725857One thing I never get tired of is free publicity. When Cindy sent me the notice in the Republican looking for people who have had experience with home heating oil contracts, of course I jumped in and sent the reporter, Stan Freeman, a link to this blog. I had ragged about it and it was surrendipidously the topic of an article.

When he called me back, I could have just been quoted as a South Deerfield homeowner (or home-moaner, as some of us say) but I put in a little pitch, saying that I owned the cafe. So naturally, when the photog came by I asked them to shoot me there.

So today on Masslive, there I am and as it turned out it was another miracle of timing. The shooter was there the second that Dennis, our mailman, was coming in to pick up the check for the oil company! So we get a nice front page plug, and my mailman gets his name in the paper.

The real fun about Masslive though, is the comments. One guy suggested that ‘as a business owner I should have known that it was a contract and not gone running to my lawyer looking for a way out.’ Well, my lawyer happened to phone me, and I happened to ask, not really running for him. But I guess he has a point.