England’s North Awaits Us, Sam and I Depart Tonight

I’m off. Not ready, nervous about what I’m forgetting, but I’m off. I head to Boston to pick up my traveling companion, Samuel Abbott Hartshorne, who will join me this week for a trip to the North of England. As much as I have traveled, I was embarrassed to say that I’ve never been to England. Well, here we go!

Our trip will take us first to the UK’s second city, Manchester, then we’ll motor a few hours north near the Yorkshire Dales to Bowness-on-Windemere. We will be taking a cooking lesson, and doing a lot of walking here. As many of you I’m sure have thought, yes, it IS raining in Manchester now, and about 45 degrees. But we have our hoods and plenty of layers, so we should be ok.

Later this week we will go out in canoes, take mountain bike rides, and drive to the lovely Yorkshire Village of Malham. Later we’ll see Skipton (I love these names!) and the attractions at the Salford Quays. Then we’ll wrap up with a tour of Old Trafford, home of the most famous team in the world, Manchester United.

Follow us and we’ll introduce you to plenty of fascinating folks and show you where we went. It’s time again to fly, and now, I can’t wait!