Diss My Cafe? Óh No You Don’t

Getting ready to scoot up to Maine on Friday night, and visit the summer rental Kentski made famous in his article in PreviewMA magazine and GoNOMAD. We’ll leave around 5, and travel through the night downeast, to arrive around 10 pm in Boothbay Harbor ME. I love this kind of travel, night driving up to the coast. He’ll inevitably have a stack of great new books for me to read, and by golly the place has wireless too.

The cafe roller coaster is slowing, good, because it’s wearing me out! Finally feeling that we have a good staff coming together. Today I was happy to give someone an early dismissal after she dissed us in front of a potential new hire. Bad! So we are shedding the deadweight and bringing new life aboard. I’ll have to get out of the way and see what happens.

I’ve sent a few writers on trips that I wanted to take, on account of not wanting to be absent. How quickly people begin to feel like you’re never there. Last night a customer told me flat out that “you’re not there most of the time, Max, really, you’re not.” So my continuing presence in the month of October is probably the right move.

I am making big plans for the event at the end of the month when I reach the milestone of 50, stacking firewood and considering Spanish tapas menus. Hotel rooms have been reserved, the fun begins Oct 24.