Acting Decisively, In Spite of the Market

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There is now a house for sale, at 9 Mountain Rd. After nearly 20 years, my little pad is up for sale. I want to move to a new and bigger house, a little bit out in the country but still in Deerfield. It’s like a daisy chain…these homeowners want to move to another place but they’re waiting for their place to sell..and the potential buyers are waiting for their houses to sell to make a move. I’d like to think that I can get a decent price for my place, and move this big logjam ahead.

The new house has nearly everything we’d want in a place. A big yard, a deck, a separate part for me and lots of other rooms. Since I’ve dithered so many times thinking about moving here, or there, or building this and that and never doing anything…well this time I am acting more decisively.

So in a month or so we might just haveP1500626 772667 a new address. If I can continue to act decisively.