Hiring New Blood is Indeed the Best Part of the Job

Back to the action at the cafe, where it never stops. I had to stop by Gillette’s today, to look into a new giant refrigerator for the cafe. And a new slicer too. I have some promising new people who are looking for work, so that’s a good thing. I remember once asking my old boss Frank Suher of ES Sports what the most rewarding thing was about the job.

I thought he’d say landing a big contract for Reebok or another major sporting goods company. Instead he said the most satisfying thing was having to hire so many people to do the work. I now know that indeed, bringing people aboard and going through the process of having them join your company is a rewarding thing.

It’s even better when your hunch is right, and the person turns out to be a really top performing employee. Now we’ve got some new people at the cafe. Dean, from Benin, and a graduate of Princeton, and Claire, who came with top notch recommendations from another local business.

This is the best part, bringing new blood to make the whole operation work better.