Don’t Harsh My Mellow With CAPS!

Today I used caps, and bummed somebody out. I was sending in an ad proof for our Deerfield Attractions advertising program at the Advocate. And I sent the change back for a second time, as they had not fixed the first little typo after the first proof was sent. So I sent it back, after reading their email that I had better reply today or it would run as is, with my spelling correction in capitals.

FIX THE TYPO in the header it should read

Find out more at

It says Find our FIX THIS


Anyway this really annoyed the person on the other end of the email. She quickly typed back, ‘there’s really no need to use caps to point out the error, I’m doing the rep a favor, so the attitude is unnecessary. ó. So I emailed that I was sorry that I harshed her mellow but that it was my 2nd request…hence my aggressive capitalization. She replied with understanding and after it was all done the ads look great!