Braised Mangoes, Spinach and Toasted Almonds: Cafe Salad

I tried writing this post on my cute new iPhone. But it was useless, I really can’t write anything more than a few words with that absurdly small keyboard, even though the letters do conveniently jump up and enlarge themselves for you. One would have to have the slenderest of fingers to truly be able to do that…so I am back at the big machine here.

A busy Saturday with lunch at the cafe, a salad of braised mangoes, spinach, toasted almonds and tomatoes. And a sandwich of turkey with cranberry. Our specials are continuing to make me proud. A clerk at the post office remarked to me last week that ‘those specials on your faxes are really interesting…we all look them over when they come over the fax.” Despite their fascination with these specials, most of the staff there has never set foot in the cafe.

I’m getting all packed and am glad that Swissair has no weight issues, like the last trip. I’ll bring my Elizabeth Taylor suitcase and pack it full of merino wool socks, hiking gear and of course my lucky navy blazer. I leave tomorrow by bus for NYC then a nighttime flight to Geneva.