Republican Blogger Thinks Mitt Ain’t It

It’s early, early, early…but since I couldn’t get back to sleep I had time to read the Boston Herald. Now that Obama has chosen Joe Biden as his running mate, most of the nation’s political eyes are trained on McCain…who will he pick? Last week the pundits were talking up Mitt Romney. It turns out that rumor was actually put out by Romney’s own people, and well respected news sources like Time Magazine had to retract the leaked news.

Boston Herald’s “Lone Republican” blogger Holly Robichaud thinks that it won’t be the Mittster. She lists some good reasons, number one being that he owns five houses. The last thing McCain needs is another guy with a ton of dough who reminds the public about having many houses.
Plus, she says, he didn’t win New Hampshire and isn’t likely to help McCain win Michigan. She maintains that his negative ads, fueled by his own millions, were just too harsh on McCain to expect the two to kiss and make up.

Another reason Robichaud declares that Mitt won’t be the one is that he is a major ‘flip flopper,’ a word near and dear to McCain’s heart. He loves to accuse Obama of this, so Mitt, who has changed his position many times too, would be ripe for a Democratic attack.