Max is in Colombia, so now you’re stuck with me

WriterJax here. I’m one of Max’s intrepid travel writers, here to man the ship while Max is away in South America.

Color me jealous. While it’s true that Max needed to whittle his luggage down to a lean 22 pounds for this trip, thus negating any thoughts of bringing his laptop and dutifully blogging away, I think the inconvenience is made up for by the fact that these will be his front-porch views for the next week:
This is the El Cantil Eco Hotel in Nuqui, part of Colombia’s Pacific Coast. According to the Web site, there are ocean and jungle views, kayaks and boogie boards to play with, and an on-site restaurant at this solar- and hydro-powered hotel. But no Internet access – so Max was destined to be off the grid no matter what.

As he basks in the South American sun and snuggles in his mosquito-net-protected bed, I’ll be here to talk about things I see, hear, and read, in true ReadUpOnIt style.