Deerfield Attractions Promotes Deerfield

Deerfield Attractions work has been keeping me busy lately. Lots of promotions that we are organizing, and sometimes it comes down to the ‘I’ am organizing. I wrote a letter to the Deerfield Selectboard asking them to approve my idea for a Town Wide Tag Sale on October 4.

We have been meeting and discussing a fall promotion among the businesses of Deerfield that would begin in September. The group is full of good energy and good ideas, and it feels like a strong promotional advantage to band together.

We want to have this event to stir up some business and keep people thinking of coming to Deerfield for a daytrip. I love organizing this stuff, even though more than one person has reminded me that I should stick to my knitting, running the website.

Another diversion is outfitting our first foray into catering. We are going to be selling coffee, cookies, ice coffee and water at the Deerfield Farm Festival, on a farm field in Deerfield. They expect 700 people to show up, so it will be a great showcase for the cafe. I’ve ordered a 10 x 10 canopy that will be our vending post for the festival.