Charlie Runs with the Bulls, Conn Asks the Questions

It’s waiting time at Quebec City Airport, and the taxi ride here from the center city was, well you can call it ‘white knuckle.’ We sped over a snowy highway at 100 kph, the only solace is that this is just 70 mph, but the driver was cool as I closed my eyes and hoped for the best in the back seat. “You’re used to this, right?” I asked, watching the blowing snow. “For thirty years I’ve been driving,” he said confidently, and I have to admit that he never swerved on the white road.

At the airport, I am watching de-icers spray orange liquid over the Dash 8 prop plane that will take me to Montreal. As usual, I discovered the free Wi-Fi here by accident, as there is no indication that it’s free and you land on a page that isn’t the net at first but here I am.

I’m thinking about the funny conversations I had during our long dinners in cozy Quebec City. In our group was a tall and imposing man named Charlie Leocha, and he told me something I found amazing. For the past 32 years, he’s gone to the running of the bulls for the entire eight days in Pamplona. He’s never missed it, for three decades! He runs a ski and snowboard website and in the bio there he says he’s a black diamond skiier and double diamond apres skiier. Gotta love that.

As we enjoyed sweetbreads and roast duck, I got a chance to meet Conn Jackson, the star of the Conn Jackson show, a cable and syndicated TV show out of Atlanta. He’s a tall, handsome guy who looks a little like a younger Mitt Romney. In fact he said he had met the politician’s son and was supporting him in his bid. I admired Conn’s inquisitiveness and how earnest he was in his questions and how it contrasted with so many people you meet in TV who think they know it all. Conn, blessed with great looks, a charming personality and his own show, seemed the most humble and other-focused guy I’ve met in a while. I hope I run into him again soon.