Buying New Domains…Like It Was Going Out Of Style

It’s been an exciting week, and it’s only Tuesday. I just returned from a tour of Habitat/American Barn’s offices, meeting designers who create plans for houses in their huge computer monitors and figure out how many boards they’ll need to build them. I was showing Dave the info. on the new Deerfield Attractions website. He liked the concept, as does almost everybody we’ve shown this to, and we hope to see them on the new site.

In my exhubarance over how well this new site was going, I splurged and went out and bought three new domains. Watch this space as we roll out Northamptonattractions, Greenfieldattractions and Amherstattractions. All dot com. Ok, ok, now they just point to….but give me a few days to get Joe crankin’ on some layouts!

Time now to zip home and watch Nay while Francisco gives a massage. Then back here for more exciting action in the GoNOMAD offices. Next week I’ll drive to Boston for my SEO presentation at the Boston Globe Travel show and pick up 0ur enormous 9′ x 12′ vinyl banner. And tomorrow at 7:30 am, I’ll wake up with Brad and Bo and chat about what’s fun in Quebec City.