Deerfield Attractions Website Makes its Debut

I woke up this morning and got a nice surprise. Old Joe my webmaster can still delight and amaze, while at the same time managing to make me almost pull out the few hairs left on the top of my head. Last night I spoke before the Deerfield Selectboard, talking about our plan to put up four signs directing people to the center of the village. Bernie Kubiak gave them the lay of the land, I was there to emphasize the point….that even though the town was paying, most travelers are looking for food, lodging, coffee, and maybe WiFi, not where they can pay their property taxes. So I made up a bunch of sample signs, sort of haiku, different ways in which we might point out our fairly concentrated, yet hidden burg here in the center off of Route 5.

The board was very hospitable, and once we come up with those key 40 characters, they said they’be happy to pay for the signs. I told them about our new promotional group, that was featured in last week’s paper. “The one thing the reporter didn’t mention,” I told them, looking around to the new guy here, Jeremy Dirac of the Recorder, “is that our action plan called for the creation of a new website to promote ourselves. It’s now on line, and it’s called Deerfield So I had hoped that the paper would pick up on this and include our new website address in a story.

Joe finished off the basic look of the site while I fell asleep last night. This morning, voila! There it is, looking great, and soon this will be a major way we’ll promote our town’s attractions.