Random Musings About Nudes on Bureaus and Blog Comments

It’s windy outside and there’s a bit of new snow on the ground. Cindy and I are on our dueling laptops, she doing some sort of continuing ed and I of course, having read all that I can read on line, am sitting here writing blogs. I got a comment on a year-old blog post in which I agreed with Thomas Friedman about how silly it was for GM to hand out free gas cards to anyone who purchased a Hummer or a Tahoe SUV.

A man who apparently lives on a ranch in the west took me to task, saying how he needed that big rig, and ‘what do you expect me to do, drive a Nissan?’ He closed by saying that since I came from ‘Taxachusetts’ that explains why I am so hard on GM. But it’s still nice to have readers even when they disagree with you.

Today I hope to get over to the Open Studios in Easthampton, where my friend Bill Hewitt is showing some of his most recent furniture work. He’s done a pair of eye-catching bureaus, large pieces with intricate inlayed wood, and the artwork is quite compelling–a nude man and women, front and back. I think people will definitely want to see these though I think if they were in my bedroom I might cover them with a sheet when my inlaws came to visit.