We Passed The Test–Now It’s Time to Bake!

We all passed the test. It was an important one, required by state law, and after studying all about food borne illnesses, temperatures for cooking chicken, and the different droppings that pests leave around the kitchen, my staff and I took and passed the Serv-Safe test last night.

We celebrated with a late dinner at the 99, a chain restaurant that has sprung up on the former site of the awful Brickers near the rotary in Greenfield. We are all enjoying the success of the cafe and how it has blossomed into such a vital part of our little town. It feels great to have such a team as ours, with no dead spots and no slackers.

Amy has now been made our official baker. I confirmed this by hiring Richard who will be helping out in the back during the week. So Amy will devote her time to making all of the breads, muffins, scones, cookies and a lot of new things to sell in our case.

We had a little ceremony dubbing Amy as our baker–I bought a shiny new Kitchenaid mixer and Liz placed a bow on its round little head and Amy gasped with joy upon opening her eyes.

As I head out tomorrow to New York, and all next week to Florida, and at the end of the month to Palm Springs, it is reassuring to know that the cafe is in such good hands and that the case will always be full of delicious baked goods.