The Simple Acts That Give Meaning to Life

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Today I derived joy from a simple act. I bought a metro shelving unit and organized my very unorganized walk-in refrigerator and everything is now easy to reach, safely put away, and there’s even room for more!

I thought for a minute about how great it was after Georgio helped me assemble the tricky system of metal rods and shelving. Then placing all of the items back, I considered that somebody who was not working could never enjoy such a treat. If I were retired, or didn’t have any of these responsibilities, I’d never feel this way about a well-ordered larder. It’s one of those little things that adds up and makes my life fun.

Then it got even better after I got off the phone with Jeremy, who works with the New York Times Travel Show. I am going to be leading a travel writing presentation at the show, where two years ago more than 175 people attended such a class. I will present about the travel writing market, tips and techniques to get published, and bring in some of my travel writing friends to help people learn.

I’m also going to Boston in February to speak to travel officials at the Boston Globe Travel Show about search engine optimizing and how to make more money on the web.