Promoting Deerfield Is a Snap–On the Web

Today I met with my state legislators. Actually, it was a comfortable working lunch at Chandler’s Tavern with Sen. Stan Rosenberg, Rep. Steve Kulik, and six other business people who shared a common interest–promoting tourism in Deerfield.

Frankin County’s chamber of commerce was represented by Anne Hamilton, Yankee Candle, Historic Deerfield, Deerfield Museums, Richardson’s Candy Kitchen, assistants to Stan and Steve, and the Butterfly museum were all at the table. We talked about getting better signs, and how to get funding for a website project or bigger cooperative advertising.

As I thought about the meeting afterwards, it hit me. The web is how to solve this marketing challenge. The web, and tweaking it so that people really see it, is how to promote our town. I am going to be able to help this group immensely. This is right up my alley. It’s a level playing field because everyone sees the web.

So I created a new page for our cafe website and sent it out to everyone who was at the lunch, asking them to do the same on their sites. Just the beginning…just the beginning.