Eos Airlines: It’s Not What You Add, But What You Take Away

Yesterday I stuffed my notebook full of interesting jottings from speakers on the center stage. With gigantic screens and state of the art audio, we heard from the heads of travel companies who talked about their brands and how they helped create them.

Jack Williams, the CEO of Eos Airlines, spoke about authenticity, and the ‘guest experience’ on his all business class airline, that flies just 48 people in luxury from New York to London 55 times per week. He really doesn’t care what other airlines do–he concentrates like a laser on his own customer’s experience and listens hardest to their feedback. As CEO he answers any complaint personally, and surveys every single passenger to tweak any of their services on a day to day basis.

“It’s not what you add,” he said. “Any airline can have better food, or more legroom, or finer wines. What Eos offers is less. Less crowds. No waiting. Never having to stand in a line.” So his rate of ‘Net Promoters’ people who after they leave the airport evangelize about the experience, is about 86%, and is helping to drive the brand and filling up those pricey transatlantic seats.