Driving In the Snow Is Fun in a 4×4 Truck

I got an early start today, joining Brad and Bo on their WHYN-am morning show offering my travel tips to their audience. I felt like I gave them some good advice…such as my old canard about bringing a surge suppressor to charge up electronic devices in foreign places. I pitched CBS TV 3 news and they said that next time they have a travel segment, they would come up to interview me for their news show.

Today is a snowy day in South Deerfield, and I had fun driving my GoNOMAD Cafe truck on the snowy streets using my four-wheel-drive. By God, it really does work, though my cousin Steve pointed out that the drive system doesn’t make stopping any easier in slippery snow.

I cruised over to the landfill and there I learned a little bit about our town. Al, the jolly dumpmaster, told me that he’s never set foot inside our cafe, despite driving by a whole bunch of times. But he said that the street where we are located used to have covered sidewalks, just like in the old west. The whole street had these porticos and where the squat building that houses our liquor store is, across the street, was once a huge three-story hotel.

“I was only about five, but I remember those covered sidewalks…they were wooden, it was like a boardwalk right where your cafe is now.”