Great Barrington’s a Great Place to Wake Up

It’s about time Fall arrived. This morning had the brisk air we’re used to in these parts. Cindy and I woke up at the Great Barrington Travel Lodge, after a wonderful dinner with old friends Kent and Lisa at the Castle St. Cafe. When I was making the reservation for this little roadside motel, on busy Rte 7, I had a funny conversation with the Indian-born manager. I kept trying to spell my name and he stumbled, saying in heavily accented English “I have only been in this country a little while,” so I had to speak slowly.

This little motel is perfect for our Saturday night getaway. With free WiFi Kent and Lisa have two laptops humming, and in the morning we enjoyed our favorite TV show, Sunday Morning on CBS. There were profiles of songwriter Neil Sedaka, and actor Anthony Hopkins, and then a feature about huge pumpkins.

We walked across the street to a bohemian coffee joint, just the kind of place I always seek out during my travels. The scruffy but friendly barista made me a few steaming lattes and a muffin to bring back to the room. So today we can relax, enjoy the day, and then set out to explore the Berkshires for the rest of the day.