Arthur’s Travel Show is No Bologna

I talked about Bologna with Arthur Von Wiesenberger today, on his Around the World Travel radio show. He’s a water expert. It was funny hearing him comment earlier on his food radio show on the public water in Santa Barbara, where he lives. When you ask somebody who has hosted kings and prime ministers to water tastings around the world, that’s not a simple answer. Water and travel are two of Arthur’s passions.

We talked about Italy, and how to avoid the overrun cities there. I told him I thought Ravenna was one of the nicest and uncrowded places I’ve been. I also recommended a man we met named Georgio Muzzarelli, the oxologist (balsamic vinegar expert) who has a restaurant outside of Maranello, home of Ferrari. Bologna’s porticos and youthful spirit makes it one of my favorite big Italian cities. Listen to the radio show here

The cafe bustles with the crackle of fall in New England. We’re a get-it-done place, where strong coffee fuels creative and energetic people coming and going, and catching up a spell while at the cafe. It’s the Center, the middle of the South Deerfield universe. Our little pond.