Women Who Make Big Bucks Beef About Poor Boyfriends

I went out and bought the ridiculously expensive Sunday NY Times for the cafe. $5.00?! Come on! But inside, as usual, was a bunch of first-rate articles including a feature on why women who make big bucks have such a hard time finding dates. Subtitled “young women discover the pitfalls of ‘dating down’, the story profiles women like Whitney Hess, a ’25-year-old software designer in Manhattan, who wanted to dine at trendy Tribeca bistros but found her dates, those creative types, more interested in diners.

One actually told her that her higher income made him uncomfortable. Like a good New Age Guy, he owned up to his feelings, and he said he was trying to get over it. He didn’t. The article explains that part of this growing gulf between the sexes is because more women than men finish college, and especially, perservere through graduate school.

Another New York City woman named Hilary Roland bought her first condo when she was 18, and works in some sort of on-line business. She makes enough to usually fly business or even first class. She sniffed that her 34-year-old musician boyfriend made her fly in coach and endure a 2-hour layover in, gasp, Salt Lake City on a trip where they stayed with a friend. She told the Times she would have preferred paying her own way and flying in her usual manner.

It’s not only the low incomes that bother these career gals, it’s more than that. It’s a lack of drive. “I have to say that I didn’t like his career, I didn’t think he had the goals of someone I would eventually like to be with or have respect for,” said Jade Wannell, a 25-year-old producer at a Chicago ad agency. Her former boyfriend, who didn’t work many hours at his job at a trucking company, wanted to go out to a bar instead of taking her to art galleries. “I was bored and didn’t feel challenged,” she explained.