Writing is All In the Family on GoNOMAD

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It’s been a criminally long time—two days without a single post. I actually did try to post on Monday but the photo I wanted to upload of Cindy in front of the MAMBO museum in Bologna refused to comply. She’s just had her story about that fine city posted on the website. It’s a well-crafted appreciation for a classical, traditional and very old city that most Italians love but most Americans can’t find on a map of Italy.

I am proud that Cindy continues to write for us. She’s joined by so many of my friends and relatives: My daughter Kate Cosme did a story about family travel in Old Orchard Beach (featuring photos of my adorable grandson Nathan), and Senior Travel Kent St. John’s son wrote about Madrid for us just last month.

It’s so much fun to have members of my family share their talents with well-written and informative articles for the website. I am working in the cafe again this afternoon, so won’t get a chance to crank out my new political story about Colombia, but I hope to get a chance next week.

I’ll be truly on vacation then, at our rented apartment on a farm in the village of Barga, in Tuscany, poolside with my laptop and my notebooks. I can’t wait!